Revised: Almond Nog Martini (2018 Version!)

Revised: Almond Nog Martini (2018 Version!)

These babies were my favorite fluke of 2017. I honestly had no idea what these should taste like when I decided to create this recipe but they turned out to be something I dreamed about all year long. Okay maybe not all year long but the anticipation of having these again definitely crept up come Christmas time. I made no changes to the recipe, only a couple fun additions to the glass to make it even sweeter and even more fun!

(Click here for actual martini recipe)

I bring you 2018’s take on 2017’s Annual Christmas Martini!

The first thing I added was a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass. This just makes it look so much prettier and more wintery, reminiscent of icicles. Mix cinnamon and sugar together (ratio is up to you, depending on desired taste and colour – I went for more sugar and less cinnamon to keep it lightly coloured). On a plate slightly larger than the circumference of the glass, spread the cinnamon sugar out evenly. Wet the rim of the martini glass with water and twist it in the mixture until you get enough sugar. Note: I used coarse sugar here but I would recommend a more finely ground sugar as this will stick to the glass better.

Next I added a coffee ice cube, which you can do either in addition to the coffee in the original recipe or in lieu of. My friend Jenna ( told me she adds coffee ice cubes to her Coconut Holiday Nog (by So Delicious) so I figured it was fitting for an Almond Nog Martini. I actually used the So Delicious Coconut Holiday Nog for my martinis this year and I decided I like it better than the Almond Nog I bought last year. So I guess on a technicality, the martinis are Coconut Nog Martinis. Whatever kind of Nog you use, coffee cubes are game changing.

Lastly, I topped it off with Gay Lea Foods coconut whip cream which is SO good. Another first for this year. Ignore my terrible whip cream “art”. It never turns out pretty, but I couldn’t care less when it tastes this good.


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  1. Janice Williams
    January 20, 2019 / 9:26 pm

    They were so yummy!

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