About Me //

Hello Friend! My name is Sam and I am a Holistic Nutrition student (future Certified Nutritional Practitioner – CNP) as well as Dancer/Choreographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I started this blog a number of years ago as a means of exploring my love for writing and it has since morphed into a space to write about food & nutrition, personal growth, travel, life as an artist, dance and more. As my interests expand, so does the scope of this blog.

// Plant-Based Nutrition

As a future Nutritionist, I am most passionate about eating what works for YOU and YOUR body. For me, those foods happen to be 100% plant-based. Expect a variety of wholesome, nourishing plant-based recipes and chats about Nutrition as a prominent focus of this site. And of course, all eaters are welcome!

Dance & Athletics //

Being a dancer, I take great interest in how nutrition can impact athletic performance. I would like to focus on Sports Nutrition as a Nutritionist and I hope to use this site to share recipes, tips and information for improving both performance and recovery.

// Anything Else?

Well, yes! The overarching theme of this blog is Health & Wellness so anything that fits into that theme is discussed here. Some of my favourite topics include personal growth/self-help, business & entrepreneurship, organization, travel and anything to do with creativity and art. Personal health and wellness is so much broader than eating your veggies and hitting the gym (although these are wonderful things.) There’s emotional health, financial health, the health of your soul and beyond. Conversations regarding all aspects of health are welcome on this site.

What is meant by By the Soul? //

I’m so glad you asked. When I was trying to come up with a name for my blog around four years ago, I wanted something that would portray the idea of living a life that is perfectly tailored to you. A life that is carefully crafted to give you maximum space to be your most authentic self and explore every avenue of life as that self. A life that is not by the book, but by the soul. Through the foods we eat, the boundaries we set, the people who we spend time with, the careers we choose and every other choice we make we are defining who we are. Let that definition be fuelled by that which feeds your unique soul.

Let’s Connect

My hope for By the Soul is to be a place for conversation. Always feel free to comment your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and questions on the site or reach out via e-mail or social media. All I ask is that you do so with kindness and consideration for the humans on the other side of the screen when writing to any reader (and/or to myself). I promise to hold myself to the same standard.

With an open mind and full intent on relishing in the ebb and flow of the human experience, I bring to you; By the Soul.

See you around,